Beef Chili

Find a great tasting beef chili recipe right here! From crock pot chili recipes to slow cooker beef chili recipes, our vast collection of chili recipes made with beef are sure to satisfy your need for chili.

Prop’s Chili Recipe

props chili recipes

Prop's Chili won first place in Eddy County Fair Chili Cook-off in 2013. This competition recipe also makes a good eating chili if you add a couple of cans of Bush's Mild Chili beans, including the liquid. Check out this recipe and let it be an inspiration for your own Champion Chili … [Read more...]

Easy Beef Chili Express Recipe

easy beef chili express

Easy Beef Chili Express Recipe is a super easy chili recipe for someone who want to quickly whip up some chili. Note: some people while find the chili taste too mild. You can add chili powder to enhance the flavor. Chili Ingredients: 12 oz. fully-cooked ground beef or approx. 1 lbs … [Read more...]

Superbowl Sunday Beef Chili

Super Bowl Sunday Chili

This quick and easy chili recipe has always been a crowd favorite on Superbowl Sunday. This chili recipe has the option to use mild or hot peppers with mild or hot chili beans. Make it as mild or hot as your taste buds can handle. This recipe can easily be doubled for those extra hearty … [Read more...]

Game Day Chili

William & Mary Tribe

This tasty slow cooker chili recipe makes a big batch, and is packed with ground beef and spices. If you want a little kick added to this chili recipe, simply add jalapeno peppers and serve with your favorite cornbread, hot out of the oven. Chili Ingredients: 4 pounds ground beef 4 cloves … [Read more...]

Touchdown Chili


With the help of McCormick® Chili Seasoning, this chili is so quick and easy to prepare that you won't miss any of the big game. Save half of the recipe (if you can) or start with a double batch to make our tempting Touchdown Chili Cups or Touchdown Chili Pizza. Chili Ingredients: 1 pound lean … [Read more...]

Texas Red Chili


Meat lovers are sure to get their fix with our Texas Red Chili made with fresh ground beef and great tasting smoked bacon. Oh yeah... in traditional Texas fashion — no beans allowed! This ground beef chili recipe that we call Texas Red Chili will take about 40 minutes to prepare and about 30 minutes … [Read more...]

Classic Beef and Bean Chili


This easy ground beef chili recipe is a perfect companion to a cold wintery day! Jalapenos vary in heat, depending on season and locale. Adjust the amount used to suit your taste. This great tasting chili recipe takes about 30 minutes of prep work and 20 minutes to cook. Chili Ingredients 2 … [Read more...]

Spicy Hot Beef Chili


Americans love their beef! This chili recipe is packed with ground beef chuck and hot spices to make this a spicy favorite chili recipe for those who can take the heat. Chili Ingredients 1 pound coarsely ground beef chuck 1 medium yellow onion, chopped 1 red bell pepper, seeded, … [Read more...]

Low-Fat Chili Recipe

Chili Ingredients: 1/2 pound of buffalo (lean); ground or sirloin 2 tsps of chili (powder) 1 c of onions; chopped 1/2 c of diced green bell peppers (optional) 8 ozs of tomato sauce (low salt) 14.5 ozs of canned beef broth (low sodium) 6 ozs of tomato paste (low salt) 1/2 tsp of … [Read more...]

Diet Chili Recipe

Chili Ingredients: 1 Tbsp of oil (vegetable) 2 pcs of onions; chopped finely 2 lbs of beef; ground coarsely 2 Tbsps of chile (red, hot); ground 3 Tbsps of chile (red, mild); ground 1 clove of garlic 1 tsp of oregano (pref. Mexican); dried 1.5 tsps of cumin 1/2 tsp of salt 5 pcs … [Read more...]