Judging A Chili Cook-off

Judging A Chili Cook-offWhen perparing the rules for judging a chili cook-off, an important consideration when making chili cook-off rules is decide what type of judging you’ll have. Will you have one judge, a panel of judges, or will everyone get a chance to vote. Each of these may have a different rules. Each can be fun but each give a different feeling for the event.

Chili Cook-off Rules: one judge

The benefit to having a one judge to determine the winner of the contest is that it’s very simple. This is the simplest method for judging a chili cook-off. The judge simply picks his favorite and awards the winner. There are also drawbacks to this type of contest. The winner is often the one that most closely matches the palette of the single judge. This type of cook-off is usually less exciting for the crowd as there is less sampling by multiple judges.

Chili Cook-off Rules: panel judging

In this type of chili cook-off a panel of three or more judges rate each chili and select the winner. This can be fun especially with a celebrities or entertaining people are on the panel. This works will for a large chili cook-off. Encourage the judges to talk about what they are tasting and feeling as they sample each chili.

Chili Cook-off Rules: people’s choice

A peoples choice chili cook-off is great way for judging a chili cook-off for a small to medium cook-off. This works well in an office or small community environment. This allow everyone to participate in the contest by selecting the chili they like best. This invites a lot of interaction amongst the group. It works best to give each person a simple ballot for them to write the name of the chili they like the best. After the voting is complete, a head judge tally’s the votes and announces the winner.

Judging A Chili Cook-off: pick the right type

As you begin to plan your cook-off, decide which type works best for your event. Next develop your rules. Keep them simple and understandable. To make your cook-off even better, give a trophy, plaque or a framed certificate. These will be displayed by the winner and will encourage greater participation in future chili cook-offs.

When judging a chili cook-off, there will invariably be disputes. Usually the disputes are related to what is chili, can the judge or chili server alter the chili prior to tasting and similar questions. There should be one person designated as the head judge to have the final say in disputes or questions about the chili cook-off rules.

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